Tuesday, 5 May 2020

Morse Code - By Ellma

Devices nowadays are the only way we can communicate to people from afar. Imagine if we had no devices at all, you would have to send a letter. If we wanted to write a message to our friend and someone always looks over at what it is then what should you do for them not to find out (Apart from hiding it)? Well I think I would use Morse Code. It may be confusing and look wierd but when you have got all the letters and numbers in your head and work it out, you will get used to it and can use it with your friend none stop (Here is an example of Morse Code)

Monday, 4 May 2020

St Maximilian Kolbe-By Ellma

Learning Intention: Identify the main events in St Maximilian Kolbe's life.


St Maximilian Kolbe was a very pleasant man giving shelter in World War ll. He also saved someone's life my taking his place in death, because he had no family he insisted to be dead(He was executed by the Nazi's when he was 47). He also taught people how to sing and pray to the Lord up above. St Maximilian Kolbe became a priest on 1917 and was arrested (For No Reason) on 1941(He also passed away that year).