Friday, 6 December 2019

Introducing Myself In My Mother Tongue


  1. Talofa Ellma

    Nice to meet you! Well done on starting your summer learning journey! I am happy that you are coming on this journey with me. This is my second year being a blogger commenter and I have just completed my degree to become a teacher. I am looking forward to hearing all the beautiful, knowledgeable and diverse ideas that you have to offer and I am also looking forward to learning from you. I love taking my dog for walks, although only in the early mornings or late evenings as it is getting quite warm! What are you looking forward to doing this summer?

    Wow, you have done an amazing job on introducing yourself in your mother tongue! I really appreciate that you have done this in your own language, a samoan pepeha :) Is this right, are you samoan? I have not been to your home country but I have heard that it is beautiful. I really do wish to visit some day. I would love to know what you love about your country, other than its stunning beaches.

    Keep up the great work! I cannot wait to read more of your blog posts.

    Ia manuia le aso

  2. Kia ora Ellma!

    Just a friendly reminder that the Summer Learning Journey programme has already started, therefore you can now stop with your teaser week blogs and go straight into week 1. You will be able to get points for week 1 onwards, so you can be in to win some awesome prizes!

    Here is the link to get you started:

    Really looking forward to reading your blog posts!

    Ngā mihi,

  3. Good Evening Ellma,

    I am Samuel, a Year 7 student attending Sacred Heart College. I am part of a trial period in which they are trying out students to be bloggers, which means it is my first experience with this sort of position. However, I did complete the Summer Learning Journey as a student in previous years.

    I loved hearing you introduce yourself in this pepeha and at the same time you embracing your mother tongue, which if I am not mistaken, is Samoan. Well done also for taking the time to translate it for all foreign speakers to understand.

    This is very good, however don't forget to attribute (acknowledging the source) the images that you use in your blog posts, as it is very important in future blog post and also a handy skill to remember for college, when it is vital to do so. Apart from that, This is a very good blog that I really enjoyed listening to. Well done, Ellma.

    Kind Regards,