Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Rainbow's End

In the holidays I went to my cousins' house for a sleepover. My cousins' names are Serah, Asua and Satula.  Satula is my little cousin.  Satula is only one year old.

While I was staying with my cousins we went to Rainbow's End.  First, when we got there, we went on the rollercoaster ride.  It was lots of fun because we went up and down, and around a loop.  I was screaming but it wasn't scary.  

The next ride that we went to was called the 'AA Drivers Town'.  We had to drive the cars on our own.  It was like driving on a real road and it had some street signs.  I felt great that I could read the street signs!  

Next we went to the restaurant and we ate sushi and salmon. I love sushi.  For desert we had ice cream with syrup, chocolate and sprinkles.  

Then, because I was feeling sick from eating too much desert, we went home.  Once we got home we had a rest.  I felt better after I had had a sleep.  I had a great time with my cousins at Rainbow's End!