Monday, 29 November 2021

Giraffe's Conversation

 “Can you get me some food? I’m hungry”

“You have feet, can’t you do it yourself?”

“Well yes, but I don’t feel like walking so far”

“Well then, get used to it”


“Last time I told you to get me food, you completely ignored me and that hasn’t happened just once...”


“You’d never snitch on me. Besides you’re supposed to listen to me anyways since I’m older”

“WELL I’M YOUNGER! Whatever, I don’t care anymore, I’m going to tell mum and dad. Oh and...I HOPE YOU FALL DOWN!”

“Ok? Thank you? Now go home now so that you can supposedly snitch on me”

Wednesday, 17 November 2021

Would You Rather Live In A Tree-house Or A Cave-house?

Living in either sound both very weird to me, but I’d definitely would choose a cave house. Tree-houses to me seem more like a play area and not a place where you can live, it just doesn’t seem comfortable. A cave-house kind of seems fun to live in and reminds me of a rich person's house in a movie, it also seems safer to me seeing as it would most likely be a place where people wouldn’t mind and not approach, which means more peace. If I were to live in a tree-house though, I’d be anxious most of the time thinking it’ll fall down, especially if I hear a single creak.

          12 incredible cave homes |

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Tuesday, 16 November 2021

Would You Rather Have A Life Sized Robot Or A Jet Pack?

Choosing between the both are quite difficult seeing as both seem dangerous. A life sized robot could malfunction at any time and a jet pack could just suddenly shut down, so both could be quite bad. If I had to choose though, I’d choose to have a life sized robot. Knowing that I’m afraid of heights, I would be too afraid to even know how to control a jet pack and I’d be too scared of it not functioning properly, to the point where I’m falling down! A life sized robot would be cool but scary to experience seeing as they’re literally the size of a person, probably bigger than me. A life sized robot is something I could possibly grow a liking to seeing as it can become my new friend, but if it were to suddenly malfunction then I’m going to throw it away.

                                             Robot Wall Mural • Pixers® • We live to change 

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Wednesday, 3 November 2021

Would You Rather Be Able To Fly Or Be Invisible?

If I were to choose between flight or invisibility, I’d choose to be invisible. Flight would be a good option but I do have a fear of heights so I probably would be afraid of falling down and then won’t use the power. Invisibility can get me out of danger, like if someone is chasing me I can just make myself invisible and walk right pass them without

them even knowing. I’d also use my invisibility to get out of trouble

with my parents, since I never wake up when they tell me to. I can make myself invisible so that the next time they check on me, I’m already out of bed and sneaking my way to the bathroom. I’d probably finally win a game of hide and seek with invisibility, definitely not cheating in my opinion. I can also get out of babysitting, or not, seeing as I will get in trouble.

           Invisibility vs. Flying | Smash Boom Best        

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Tuesday, 2 November 2021

Would You Rather Be A Singer Or A Dancer?

Choosing between dancing and singing is quite a hard choice for me, since both are very fun to do. If I had to choose though, I’d choose singing. I’ve been singing my whole life so I’m quite used to it, dancing on the other hand seems harder in my opinion. When I’m singing I’m more confident in myself and feel more at ease especially when I’m not forced to do it. Singing helps me stop my stress, so does dancing for some people but singing is like revealing a whole new world for me where I can escape reality. Singing helps me focus and is a great way for me to work. I don’t mind all the voice cracks in my voice since it’s really funny to look back at and creates more funny memories. Of course dancing is also an amazing choice, but it’s just not the thing for me, unless it’s cultural.
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Monday, 1 November 2021

Would You Rather Go To The Beach In NZ Or Go Overseas For The Holidays?

I’d rather spend the holidays overseas. Going to the beach is fun, but you only get to go there probably once during the holidays and then the rest of the holidays you’re probably just at home sleeping or cleaning the house. For all I know is that when I go to the beach I get quite sick after it, which is something I don’t want to experience, even though one day I will. When going overseas you get to stay there for nearly the whole holiday, you can catch up with family things you’ve missed out on, but that is only if covid isn’t much of a big deal then. Going to the beach is something that I can always choose to go to, but visiting family overseas is something that doesn’t happen often, but despite visiting family, I’d get to experience a lot of new things.

A love letter to ... Stanmore Bay |

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Friday, 29 October 2021

Christiaan Barnard

Christiaan Barnard

Christiaan Barnard was a South African cardiac surgeon who performed the world's first ever heart transplant surgery. Christiaan Barnard was born in Beaufort West, South Africa, 8th November 1922. When Christiaan Barnard graduated he went to study medicine at the University of Cape Town Medical School. On the 3rd of December 1967 Christiaan Barnard became well known for performing the first ever heart-to-heart operation on his patient Louis Washkansky. Sadly Christiaan Barnard passed away due to a fatal asthma attack on the 2nd September, 2001. I believe it’s important to remember Christiaan Barnard as he was the first person to come up with the idea of a heart transplant. Without his amazing idea a lot of people in this world would’ve been gone, so thankfully Christiaan Barnard was here in this world to show others his surgeon skills who carried it down to others to this day.

Celebrating 50 years of Mending Hearts- Dr. Christiaan Barnard  - Christiaan Barnard 

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